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Almost better still with fifa 11

No which is why the programmers and companies TRY improve this game that maybe it was almost insurmountable. with few changes and some signings and such update would suffice, we do not want that when you leave the new game will change the way of defending pole for example. would have to rely on those who really play and see that would improve for people to keep playing, because the truth is this fifa 12 is very nice and etc but in my opinion is a step back to 2011. almost looks like a music game that sports over trying to get 20 30 songs to add to the game. gentlemen is a football game, if both have interest in music to put the anthems of the clubs ……. and a novel way to play like the pros and ultimate team, the latter almost a scam and almost never leaves anyone good just a way to keep cheaters at home


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