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Realism football matched

After analyzing PES 2012, it was time to get with FIFA 12 . The reality is, again, that this title exceeds the Konami game in almost every aspect. Despite what you might think, EA Sports continues to improve year after year his football simulator. And it does not only on the pitch but also optimizing control, online mode fifa 13 coins and also the single player modes. In short, FIFA 12 is a great football game .

In fact, list all the options you have FIFA 12 I would write a whole page, because there are many, many. If you wanted to play all of them, surely, could be up to FIFA 14 making. Are repeated many of the options last year and refined some, especially in offline mode.because in offline mode you from the ability to play a friendly with 7 other players to carve your own choice of career over the years either as a player or manager.Also, like last year, if you choose to play as a player to reach manager remembers the beginnings are hard and it may be that at the beginning you have to wait your turn to play games, it’ll be a new signing player and a complete stranger . You can play many of these options online, and it is precisely here, in the online modes, where EA Sports has made ​​a greater effort with an amazing result.

What EA has done is to redefine the online mode of FIFA . Combining elements of social networking with specific characteristics of the game, the developer opens the EA Sports Football Club, a system that allows us to know what your friends are like the Facebook wall and also offers challenges and even tells you how you experience, allowing you to unlock new options and access even prizes.

David Silva in action in a match

David Silva in action in a game of “FIFA 12”

If we focus more on the online mode, you will see that we have integrated the previous Fifas options such as Club Pro or custom matches. This is where we can participate against players around the world through a quick game or if you prefer a custom game.However, EA Sports has gone further and offers two new possibilities: Friendlies and season matches . In Friendly matches are counted those games we played against our list of friends, but the best addition is undoubtedly the season matches option.

The online mode allows you to do a little season with your favorite team and against other competitors for splitting up, or simply keep it. No doubt this is one of the best ways to integrate real competition in a videogame. Although we had seen something very similar to Top Spin 4, football games is very original. But these are all game modes, many game modes, of course, has worked very well EA Sports, but not the only thing that has improved. The virtual football also reaches a new level with two new features: tactical defense and the new Impact Engine.

Until now, there was a particular aspect reminiscent FIFA Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (certainly the pupil of the PES series) and that was the defense. By pressing two buttons could not just press, but also direct another team that pressure assist. This was before, because even in FIFA 12 can choose to follow with this defensive system, the great revolution called Tactical Defending , for which there is even a tutorial very beginning of the game. This new system ensures that FIFA 12 goes from being a simulator to be capitalized football SIMULATOR .

Fernando Torres cuts a player from Arsenal

Fernando Torres cuts a player from Arsenal in “FIFA 12”

Now you will have up to four buttons to defend: press, stealing, mowed and of course helps mate. With so many options you could give the impression that FIFA 12 is easier to defend, but it is just the opposite. As in a real game, you’ll have to decide what defense just seconds to apply if you want to steal the ball and if you get it you will fail, which will result in grant facilities to the opposing team with an opportunity can cost you face.

This situation occurs with a dramatic improvement IA; see how the opposing team and even our own players take decisions at the time of the attack or defense. It is true that I had seen this in the game demos and videos for FIFA 12, but it is something very different to suffer for an entire game. In fact, in this FIFA 12 steal a ball has become much, much more difficult to score a goal .

Besides Tactical Defense and the incredible improvement of AI is also the new engine Impact Engine . This physics engine to create tickets, collisions between ball players and struggles as real as a game on TV or stage if you’ve gone to see live football. Of course, all physics engine provides interesting results and, occasionally, see clashes impossible or, within the area, the goalkeeper because physically failures has been hampered by the striker, resulting fault whistled by the referee.

Got what you need to have to seek victory in FIFA 12?

Got what you need to have to seek victory in FIFA 12?

An incredible set between these new engines discussed, in addition to the perfects integration of the elements so essential’m 2.0 days. But in games like FIFA 12 also have to ask them for visuals and sound to match the rest of the game. And FIFA 12 fulfills this task almost perfectly.

Like Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA 12 offers a graphics engine very similar to last year, but has been enhanced lighting and offers greater realism in close-ups, so that in this respect complies to spare. In fact, the graphics, watch a game on FIFA 12 is virtually identical to see it live or on television.

What is not so passionate about me is sound. It is true that they are the comments of Martin Tyler and Gonzalez , two professionals of the airwaves, but there are very few changes from previous years and you find comments you sound much. Unlike PES 2012, where comments were very successful, in FIFA 12 will be hearing the same jokes and the same comments as in previous games. The only real difference is that now call the referees by name and Season Party mode, recall results from previous seasons, but little else.

FIFA 12 stadiums also emitted much realism.

FIFA 12 stadiums also emitted much realism.

FIFA 12 the best football game of the moment

Said in my analysis of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was a good game, but it was way to go.And that path is walking FIFA 12 . EA Sports has spent several years doing amazing football games, but not resting on its own success and each year brings a new FIFA more spectacular than the last. In this article I have the most significant improvements, but there are more, many more that I invite you to discover where it is now the best football game so far and by far.


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