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UK charts: FIFA 13 is the first leader of 2013

The first UK charts by GfK Chart-Track for the New Year 2013 are there. FIFA 13 was once again secure 1st place, before Far Cry 3 and Black Ops 2 Really done much compared to last week did not in the latest UK charts however.

FIFA 13 is the first leader of the UK charts in the new year. New Year 2013 first runner in the UK charts is FIFA 13 The football simulation could push all the way up to the previous leader Far Cry 3 again. The Ubisoft shooter was in turn succeeded only last week, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to displace, the UK sellers there before the year 2012. Activision’s blockbuster completes the podium this week in the UK. A return to one can probably not be excluded.

You’ve probably already noticed it: How has really done a lot in the UK charts not. This is of course mainly due to lack of new releases in the very young in 2013. The big publishers have fired their powder in the (pre-) Christmas. An overview of the ten best-selling titles in the past week gives you the picture gallery.


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